5 reasons summer sucks as a grown up. 

I remember longing for summer as a kid. It was magical. You could feel summer coming as you sat in your classroom those final weeks of school….it was so close you could taste it. You could almost feel the sun on your skin, the water on your toes and your yummy ice cream melting down your hand. What you didn’t know was your care free summer of magic came at a cost….your parents care free summer. 

I had no ideas the hours of fun, great activities and amazing vacations required hours of planning, sacrifice and more money than I knew existed at that point in my life.

Now that I have a child and a family I find summer to mostly be a very hot time of the year in which I am trying desperately to feel some of the old magic.

So I decided to make a list of things that suck about summer now that we are all adults.

5 Reasons summer sucks now that I’m a grown up:

1. The heat! When you were a kid you barely noticed….maybe it’s the damn global warming but MAN ITS SO HOT. Now I have to worry about having enough liquid so no one drops from dehydration. Plus my sweaty thighs rubbing together just makes me depressed. Also heat stroke is real people.

2. Swimsuits. I don’t know if I really need to elaborate here but I will. I remember going bikini shopping with my mum and my whole mission was to find the cutest smallest suit I could convince her to buy. Thank god I don’t have any pictures of the suit I am currently remembering I think it could be considered child porn. Now my mission is to find a suit that doesn’t make me look like a sausage jammed into its casing and also one that stays put while I run, play and splash with my kid. If I look cute-ish that’s a bonus.

3. Activities. I have a toddler. That means that most of the time anything we attempt to do that is fun usually ends in frustration and tears. But the thing is you can’t sit in your house all summer so even though you know the answer to this equation by heart (toddler+fun outing=misery) you keep planning them and keep attempting them.

4. Food. Sadly I can’t live off of Oreos, Popsicles, lemonade and various grilled meats anymore. But cooking in the summer just isn’t fun. Maybe it’s just me but I lack serious creativity in the kitchen come June. And I love to cook. Enjoy your sandwiches family. 

5. The family vacation. You either can afford to do one or you can’t. And when you can you spend days driving somewhere imagining all the fun you think you will have only to be stressed, tired and exhausted just like at home. Only difference is the ocean view you can see behind you screaming child. Oh and the food they refuse to eat  costs WAY more. 

Okay okay maybe it’s not that bad. I mean I only came up with five reasons after all. And there are plenty of things I love about summer now. Watching my son play in the sprinkler, teaching him how to eat Popsicles, spending the day on the beach, taking day trips somewhere fun, cooking out with neighbors, evening walks at the park. 

I guess part of being a grown up in summer means making sure you keep that magical feeling alive for your children.

What are some of the fun things your doing this summer? Hope you have found a way to keep some of the magic going in your home too.


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Nature box review 

About a month ago I decided to sign up and try the Nature Box free month of snack. You pay shipping and handling and they send you one full sized snack and four sample sizes. We LOVE snacking in this house. And I had heard great things about some of their items and Mommy Shorts had done a great post about their service so we signed up.

I got to select what kind of snacks we wanted. We selected to have ours chosen from the Favorite category and they were on the way very quickly. We received them a week later.

Not pictured was the full size bag of Chocolate Nom Noms. I snapped a pic of them in their bowl though.


chocolate nom noms


cranberry medley


sweet blueberry almonds

masa crisps

jalepeno cashews

We tried them all and honestly none of us were highly impressed. While all of them were edible and tasted fine it didn’t warrant spending 25$ a month. I was a little disappointed in the snacks they chose to send us. Especially since I read thru all the snack on the list and there were some good ones.

I just figured they would send some of the good ones to hook you. We ended up canceling before getting a second box.

I love the idea for the service I think it’s a good price if they have snacks you like. Sadly the didn’t pull us in and we are gonna get our snacks elsewhere. 

Have your tried nature box? What did you think? Die hard fan or unimpressed snack junkie like myself?

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.


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Finding a fitness balance 

As most of you know I enjoy working out and being healthy most of the time. I’m not overly strict in either but I make both a big part of my life. I love to workout which is something I didn’t expect.

But like anyone else I go thru ruts or periods where I just don’t wanna workout and I just want to eat six cookies in one sitting with some chips and a soda at nine o’clock. And you know what I let myself and then I move on.

I’ve finally gotten to a place where I don’t beat myself up about slip ups or off periods. I have learned to love myself and my body. Which I think is important.

But I need to get back into it, I’m just feeling really bored with what I have been doing. We recently bought a new workout bench with a weight set so I am super excited to get back to lifting. And more than just small arm weights.

I need to look for some new cardio I think. What are you all doing for cardio? What are some of your favorite ways to get your workouts in but keep them fun?

I hope by the end of summer I’m back in a good place with my fitness and have once again changed my body a bit more. I’d like to get stronger now that I’m as lean as I want to be. 

Hope you all are having a great day! 


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Family Time 

My in laws were here last week and they helped us on a bunch of stuff around the house. It was wonderful to have them here for so long and we couldn’t have done these projects without them.



My mother in law and myself spent a good deal of time shopping for blinds,rugs, looking at tile and buying GB cute outfits and water toys for the yard.



While GB played we painted, scrubbed, put a new window in and hung a ton of blind. Thank goodness for the blinds now you can’t see into our house! Hooray. After a week of hard work we spent the weekend doing some fun stuff.

Hanging in the yard and discussing Tony’s plans for a deck and someday a pool. 

Going out to Pappadeaux’s for my MIL’s birthday. THE FOOD WAS AMAZING. I had never been there but everything I ate was phenomenal (and I ate a lot) 


GB spent a great deal of time doing whatever his Papa was doing. Like all the grandkids before him he loves his Papa. But he is also quite fond of his Grandma Avis! 


We had a blast down at the stockyards again! Watched the steers do their daily stroll down the streets. Did some shopping and ate at our favorite place down there called Love Shack.






All in all it was a lovely trip. It’s always so amazing when family comes to visit.  Living so far from our families really makes us cherish the time we do get. And I was super lucky my mum arrived on Monday and is spending a few days with us this week!

Yay for family! It’s gonna slow down around here after this visit. We are about to start work on our biggest house project we are doing this year. The Fence.

Stay tuned for some photos of that mess and the (hopefully) amazing after photos.

Hope you all have a swell week 




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One of those weeks 

Man oh man. It’s been one of those weeks where everything feels way harder than it needs to be. Last week my tooth started to hurt, it hurt so bad I couldn’t chew or sleep. I was supposed to go to the dentist Monday but half an hour before leaving I woke GB up from his nap and he was on fire. So cancelled my dentist appointment and tried to take care of my sick miserable child. Tony had already come home from work to take us so he was less than pleased. Missing work the week before we have company is no good…especially when it ends up being for nothing.

So GB kept getting worse. Thankfully he had a check up scheduled on Wednesday after my redo dentist appointment. The dentist was depressing. I need some serious work done that unless I win the lotto it isn’t gonna happen anytime soon.

Anyways by the time we got GB to the dr his fever was back and he was just pissed off. And he had strep! Yay! We were happy to know what it was but felt so bad he’d been in pain and unable to tell us. He started his amoxicillin and was getting back to himself. Until he woke up covered in a rash today. 

After a night of crying and whimpering we found he was covered in little red bumps. Tony had to once again come home.

 Because Tony is allergic to penicillin the Dr put him on a new medicine and after waiting at the pharmacy with a very sick child we are headed home.

Hopefully my sweet honey monkey starts to feel better soon. Especially since my in laws get here Monday and I have one million and one things to get done.

I hope everyone else’s Friday is going a smidge better. I also hope our weekend gets going a bit better.

What are your weekend plans? 


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We bought a house

So we bought a house! Our first home together. It’s been quite an adventure this last year. We left NC beginning of February  and arrived once again on the super bowl in Texas. Sometimes you end up back where you are supposed to be. We loved NC but could not find a permanent job for Tony and he was just tired of being a contractor. Too hard when you have a child and want to spend time with your family. So when a great opportunity came our way we took it. We found a long term hotel, The Residence Inn Dallas Park Central . Please stay there if you ever need a place in Dallas their staff is amazing. 

It was incredibly hard living in a hotel. We were trying to buy but had no idea if we would get approved, if our offer would be accepted or if our loan would go thru. It just was a long stressful two months. But seriously those people who work there treated us like friends not customers. They cheered GB on, spoiled him with toys, kisses and smiles. They rooted for us and we’re always so helpful. I really can’t say enough good stuff about them. Plus GB loved the pool!

So on April 21st we signed all the papers and made this house out home. We started painting that night and spent the first night there that Thursday on an airmattress. It poured rain on us while we unloaded all our stuff. I’m hoping it’s good luck like when it rains on your wedding day. So far it has been. 

We have wonderful neighbors who spend time with us, come up to see how we are doing and who I can tell wil be wonderful friends. The house needs work but it’s a great house and we have really enjoyed all the work so far. Making it our own. 

We also got to throw GB his 2nd bday! I’ll save the huge picture dump for another recap post here in the next week.

So so far our new house has been lovely. I’m working on a post with some of the things we’ve done around the house. So hope you will all enjoy that.

I am determined to get to a place where I blog regularly and make this blog full of good stuff. If you don’t already please come follow me on Twitter or Instagram @FranklyTannith on both.

Hope you are all having a great week so far. 


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You may have noticed the blog looks a touch different. And it probably will continue to change a bit for awhile. I am attempting to actually get back to blogging. To get a weekly post up on Wednesdays. To bring you new content more often and to unify my Instagram, Twitter and blog all under the same name. My blog will now be FranklyTannith. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram under those names and I would love to have you over there too. I share a ton of photos on Instagram. I will be filling you in this coming week on our new house! I will also be working on a review of Nature Boxes monthly service. 

Anything else you’d like to see? Some new recipes? Pictures of the house renovations?

Leave me a comment let me now.

I’ll leave you with a cute photo of GB 


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A letter to GB on his second birthday 

I wasn’t sure if I was gonna do this on the blog or if I would write it for him privately. I worried maybe people wouldn’t want to read this sort of post…but then I remembered it is after all my blog and all ten of of who read it don’t seem to mind my sappy self too much.

I can’t believe it been a year I just went back and read the Letter I wrote for GB last year. I hope someday he actually reads them. And knows he was so deeply loved. So here we go….time for me to get all emotional.

My sweet GB,

Today you are two. Those words are so strange to write….even stranger to accept. When I was pregnant with you time moved so slow and I couldn’t stand the waiting. The idea of you ever being two felt so far away like it would never be real. Because you felt like you would never be real.

I dreamed about you long before I found out I was pregnant. I hoped and prayed and wished you into existence. And you are everything I ever dreamed and more. Sometimes so much it’s hard to handle. But I know these things that make you difficult now are going to be your strongest assets someday.

You inability to accept “no” or “you can’t” or “that’s not a good idea” will truly be a great thing in many ways some day. Your silly nature and the fact that you laugh so easily will be what draws people to you. And the love you so easily give to others will be something that brings you so much joy and maybe a little heartache. But that is just part of life.

This last year was a big one for us as a family. We moved to North Carolina briefly and even though we enjoyed it we couldn’t make it home. Texas called us back and we bought our first home as a family. And boy to we love it! 

We have been doing so much work and you have been more than eager to help. You love to help. You love daddy’s tools and you love to help me clean. You LOVE the vaccuum it has replaced the dishwasher as you main fascination. You ask me where the “baccuum” is about 100 times a day and rush to see it when I open the closest. 

You are talking more and more. You can say “dada” “momma” “nana” “Dougie” “dog” “kitty” “door” “vaccuum” “booboo is busy” “fishy” “swim” “go” and many more. I am loving hearing the little conversations you are trying to have. You can tell us when you go potty. You are starting to get better about sleeping.

You are wild, adventurous and rough and tumble. You still love the morning and when daddy comes home is still one of your favorites. But now you guys wrestle and run all over the house.

You love water. You love to swim. You love books and you love your family. You got to spend some time with your big brother and sister this year. And it was wonderful. 


I could go on and on. You are simply amazing. You light up my life so bright and I can’t get enough of the love you give me. I can’t believe I get to be your momma. That I get to hug you and teach you. I might not always do my best but I will always try. I will always try and be the mom you deserve. And I will love you so much….always.

Thank you sweet boy. You have given me so many gifts. The best is being your momma.

I love you 



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Santa gave me shingles

So this Christmas was certainly not ideal…..in the sense that a randomly viral strain awoke in my body and wrecked havoc on what is usually one of my most favorite times of the year. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who finally talked me into going to the ER on Christmas (which is his birthday) because the rash on my face that I insisted would go away on its own had spread down on to my eye lid.. So my poor sweet marvelous husband sat with my on his freaking birthday in an ER. My dad was with us which was another blessing as he was able to take GB and help me over the next couple days while I recovered in a heap in various soft warm places around the house. I bet you all really want to see my hideous face rash and my pathetic attempts to hide it yes??

Shingles over a few days

Shingles over a few days

Disney band aids heal all

Disney band aids heal all

Thankfully we still managed to have quite a lovely holiday and GB didn’t notice a darn thing except for how many amazing gifts he got. This kid was SPOILED. We all were a little spoiled this year. Tony got his gold clubs (and I managed to wrap them) I got my kindle, my dad got a tablet and GB got well everything. We made Monkey bread which if you have never made it do it!!! Give in and be a fat kid like us. It’s amazing and so easy and was the best way to start Christmas morning.

So all in all even with being sick we had a great day. The hubs turned another year older, we filled our house with even more plastic crap, we are far too much food and we watched some good movies. And I can now read in the dark in bed. Man 2015 is gonna be a great year! 😉

Now please forgive me for the pictures in gonna post that make it look like we had a perfectly wonderful holiday. 😜





















Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. Can’t wait to see what the year has in store for all of us.


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Thanksgiving 2014

Last week we got home from a week full of wonderful family time in Las Vegas. It was an absolute blast. I really couldn’t have imagined a better week.

Which makes me think about what I am thankful for this year. And makes me realize a lot has changed in my life in the last four years.

I guess most of all I am thankful for my family new and old, my wonderful friends, my husband, and second chances.

This was my first holiday with Tony’s family and the first time GB got to spend some time with his big brother and sister. It has taken some time to get us all here but I am so glad everyone was willing to work past it all. Because having this family means the world to us.

I am not sure what I enjoyed most watching GB with his grandparents or his siblings. We played games, went shopping, went for hikes, had dinners and hung out at Caesars palace.

I got to spend some time getting to know the amazing young adults my step kids have become. To say I am enamored and impressed with them would be putting it mildly.

These kids haven’t had it easy and they have certainly risen to the occasion and become pretty stellar adults. They loved on GB and he was smitten with them. Seeing Tony with all his kids made my mama heart way happy.

Leaving was hard as always. You want to stay in the happy family bubble but sadly you have to get back to the world.

Looking forward to more time as a family soon.

Did everyone have a good thanksgiving? Do anything special or fun?
Hope everyone is enjoying gearing up for the next family filled holiday….Christmas!

Until next time

















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