Our New Home in The Pacific Northwest

11 Apr

Or the Great White North as Tony has taken to calling it. Last week we reached our final destination (oh please oh please be our home for awhile) in Washington. We are living in the Seattle area and so far we really LOVE IT! We both worried it was not gonna be for us at all. Like Tony kind of clenched the steering wheel and I chewed all my nails off on the drive up.


We got here and found a perfect place to move into temporarily or if we want we can stay in this place long term. Which is amazing! To have the option and time to plan where we want to live for once it refreshing and removed a lot of the usual stress. The people we are renting from seem nice and not crooks like our former landlord. So That is a big weigh off our shoulders. The scenery here just beautiful. We have been enjoying hiking and getting outside daily.



PicsArt_4_6_2014 6_44_49 PM



We just feel so blessed to be here and to have found a place so quickly. We can’t thank our friends and family enough who held us up, prayed for us, loved on us and kept us smiling. We are just so rich with amazing friends and family, we hope that you all will come up and visit us. And my husband….what a blessing that man is. I am so lucky to have someone who can spring into action, set things up and make sure we are safe and taken care of while he looks for work. I can’t believe how strong he is and how hard he works for us.

I will hopefully get a couple of the on hold posts up soon and I want to get back to a weekly recipe or just me cooking some delicious stuff for you guys. Thank you for rooting for us and sticking around.

For now I am gonna enjoy some NA Champagne and a toasty fire….and relax.



Until next time




19 Mar

Checking out Caesar’s Casino and Forum Shops

In the midst of all the chaos that has been our life the last couple weeks I have been amazed by all the blessings we have. Blessings come in many forms, most of ours have been people. From our family to our friends we are so heavily blessed its almost not fair.It would be so easy to get mad and upset and whine and complain about how its not fair. But the truth is God doesn’t give with both hands…..but he does give.

And he has given us some amazing people to help us not only now but everyday. From my parents, to my wonderful in laws who have taken us into their home and just loved us and welcomed us, to my amazing best friends BB and Court. I just feel so grateful….and the moments I start to feel sorry for myself God sends me a small but effective reminder. There is always someone who needs your help, your strength, your love or just some of your time. And I am so glad we have people who give us all of that and remind us to keep being positive and grateful.

Courtney the kiddos and myself at brunch

Courtney the kiddos and myself at brunch

Our travels have been quite fun so far and have allowed us to spend some time with friends and family we haven’t seen before. GB has been able to meet quite a few of those near and dear to us for the first time.

GB meet his big brother for the first time.

GB meet his big brother for the first time.

We spent a lovely day catching up with friends while we visited Colorado. Ate too much, laughed a lot and even got a little choked up *cough* mum *cough* when this guy showed up :)


Meeting Grandpa Dave

We also took some naps with our other Grandpa Rome <3


Loving his Gpa

We are so fortunate to be able to find time to hike and walk and get out and enjoy nature. We have been on several beautiful hikes lately that I cant wait to share with you all.



WP_20140312_022 Hiking

And one of the biggest blessings out of all of this that I never saw coming are Tony’s parents. They have opened their home to us and made us feel so completely welcome. It was not something I would have expected a few years back. But to see them with GB and to hear Tony laughing and telling stories from his childhood is just amazing. Its amazing the joy that comes from family. And now that I have my own child its just so wonderful to surround ourselves with family and give him as much time as we can with those who love and cherish him.

Naps with his grandparents

Naps with his grandparents

Thru all of this I just keep being amazed at the special and fun moments we have had. I just couldn’t do all of this without all of our friends and family. They hold us up when we feel down. And I would be lost completely without my husband. He is my rock. He helps me with everything, our son, cooking, cleaning and holding it together. He cheers me up when I feel mean and crabby. I just couldn’t do it without him.

"you're my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I'm winning"

“you’re my end and my beginning. Even when I lose I’m winning”

Thanks for reading my mushy post. I will be posting an update when we find out where it is we are headed. For now I leave you with one more adorable picture. This sweet little lady made all our hearts melt when she looked up held GB’s hand and said;

“We will be best friends forever.”

GB and S

GB and S March 2014

Love Y’all


Finding my faith

3 Mar


On Friday the Hubs was laid off, along with his entire department. To say it was a shock would be an understatement. GB and I were about to head out on a walk when I got a text that said..

“Head home now. I have very bad news. I am coming home.”

My first thoughts were something had happened to one of my step kids, my in laws, or my parents. Then my mind went to a few other places but this was so out of left field the thought that Tony might have lost his job didn’t even cross my mind.

Finding ourselves in this situation a year after moving here and dealing with the job search, and the stress of having no income is hard. I wish I could say its easy to remain positive. That all the work I have done to change is paying off because this isn’t even phasing me. But that would be a lie. I am stressed, scared, tired, angry, and at the same time relieved it didn’t happen at a worse time. However I find myself being calmer than last time and calmer than I was in the past in scary situations. What is this big difference you ask? My faith. Quite simply for the last year and a bit I have been trying to learn to welcome God back into my life and my heart. Which hasn’t been easy. A lot of damage was done to that relationship. It has been hard for me to feel like I would ever get back to that place of joy, trust and peace with God. I strayed so far and closed the doors of my heart so tightly.

Most of you know I am not perfect, I have made many mistakes and a lot of those mistakes have cost me. At the time I thought the costs were earthly things. Not until my heart started to ache and yearn for something I remembered but no longer had did I decide I wanted….NEEDED to find a way back to my faith. You would think it would be a matter of wanting it and just letting yourself go back to that place. But its not. When there is pain and damage you have to sort out all of that. You have to go back and deal with a lot of things you just swept under the rug. You have to ask for forgiveness and you have to move forward. That was the hardest part for me. Forgiveness. I had to forgive myself and that was oh so hard. I consider myself a forgiving person, I give second, third, eighth chances to everyone but myself. So learning to treat myself with a little more kindness and love myself unconditionally just the way God does has been a big journey for me.

And I’m not done, not even close. But my renewed closeness to God has allowed me to for once in my life put my trust and this whole awful stressful situation in his hands. I have prayed for several months about where we are supposed to settle and on Friday he may have just given us the answer. I am not sure what is the next step but I know if I trust him and listen I will find it.

What all of this means is we are most likely leaving Texas (95 percent chance) we are packing up our home once again and preparing for yet another journey. We have so much to do and so much to decide and I am already blown away by the support and love those near and dear to us have shown us. And to all you wonderful readers thank you for reading what I have to say, and giving me a place to grow.

I look forward to this next adventure and I ask for some prayers or good vibes or whatever you can send our way. Moving with a baby potentially across the country is gonna take A LOT of prayers and patience.



New-ish Hobbies Part 1

26 Feb



So lately I’ve been a bit absent here on the blog. Yes I am busy but I have also been trying some new things. This summer I really got into an old love of mine. Nail art.
One night while wandering instagram I fell into the nail art community. I had done my nails a few times and posted them but this was amazing. These women and a few men are amazingly talented.
So I made my own nail account on there (you can come follow me TnTnails887) and I fell head first into it.
I’ve had a blast, I’ve made so awesome friends and I’ve found another use for some of my limited free time.
So if you miss me on here come on over to my instagram and see what im up to there.

Hope to see you guys

Fitness and health my new addictions

24 Feb

Spring 2012 VS Fall 2013

For so long I chose unhealthy habits. I smoked, drank, ate badly and used medication to manage any and all sickness I encountered. I basically treated my body like crap. I expected it to do everything I wanted it to do and did very little to care for it. I mean you wouldn’t do that to you car or your home. My body is my home and that is why I care for it, I will spend the rest of my life dwelling in this body no matter where I move in the world. Seems like you’d want to care for it right?

Sadly too many of us do not care for ourselves. And until about two years ago I was one of those people.
After I quit drinking we really kicked our workouts up alot. I finally started biking with Tony, walking the dog daily and I found I enjoyed light weight lifting alot. Its been amazing to do this stuff with my husband and friends and family when they visit.

Last week I reached my goal weight I set before I got pregnant. I am 135lbs wearing a size 6 pants, a small medium top and a size 4 dress. I am very happy. Aside from numbers though I am in the best physical shape of my life. I can now jog down for coffee with my husband and actually keep up with him. And in about a month we will begin our bike riding again with little man.

And speaking of little man, having my son is really what taught me to love my body. I remember marveling at my post baby body rather than hating it like so many woman assured me I would. I was proud of my body. I had respect for it for the first time in 25 years. I saw just how freaking amazing it was!
It had created and delivered this beautiful sweet baby boy to us. It healed and became stronger than ever before.

I’ve been hesitant to do a post like this because it feels braggy but well I worked really hard, I fought my addictions, my self and my busy life to come back not the same but better.
Its not about a diet, or being skinny or hating my body anymore…..its about living a full healthy life in my body. Its about feeling beautiful, confident and strong in this home I have finally started caring for.
People aren’t lying to you when they tell you its a lifestyle change.

I hope now to just maintain and try new fun exciting ways to be fit and have fun.
Have any of you embarked on a new fitness journey? Met any goals?
Tell me in the comments.


December 2011-176lbs

January 2014-137lbs

The progression. I got pregnant after the third picture on the top row.

Valentines 2012 VS January 2014

Totally cliché new years goals post

1 Jan

Growing up I was big in journaling, surprised? I know right! Who would of thunk it.
Well I love my journals picking them out and starting a brand new one was one of the best things. And whenever I got a new one I made a list of goals on the front cover that I wanted to complete by the time this journal was full.
I have always loved lists, goals and to-dos of any kind. Which is why I’m kind of surprised I haven’t done one on here until now. I think I will be totally unoriginal and make a list of goals for the new year.
I have accomplished alot the last couple years but there is still much I would like to do.

Goals for 2014:

1. Get back to reading more. Having a baby has made the luxuries like reading and taking a shower in peace pretty much non existent. I’m hoping as a family we can all read a bit more this year.

2. Find an activity as a couple that gets us back outside more often. The only good thing about us loving in Cali was we went hiking and walking about 5 days a week. We have talked about golfing or tennis and I’m also hoping we can get back to bike riding. We find exercising together really is something we love.

3. Get my body that last little ways to the goal I have had for some time now. My body has seen a lot of change the last two years. I lost about 40lbs, got pregnant, gained 35lbs and then lost all of it plus some. I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in but I want to stay that way and continue to become strong and healthy.

4. Take some trips! We love to travel and I want to go even more new places. I hope this is the year we get back to Florida.to see some friends, check out some more of Texas and maybe go somewhere new.

5. I want to rid myself of my potty mouth. I don’t show it much online these days which is a good thing. But I have a very bad habit of using swear words like some people use punctuation. I want to be the best example I can for our son which means not sounding like an angry sailor.

6. I want to grow closer as a family. Seems simple but with two almost grown step kids, a baby, all our family in other states and work and responsibilities it is easy to let the most important thing fall thru the cracks. So this year I want us to make more time to really enjoy each other. And not making our lives look good for Facebook but really unplugging sometimes and connecting with family. I want us to go visit my in laws. I’d love to have Tony’s kids down to meet their brother. And I just want to spend some time with family we haven’t seen in awhile and that Tony hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting. Here we come Wisconsin ;)


Those are just a few of my goals for the year. Its nice to see that I have mostly new goals this year because I/we accomplished so many of the old ones. I quit smoking, learned to love working out, got healthy, had a baby, reconnected with my faith and so much more. 2013 was a great year and I have high hopes for 2014.

Hope you enjoy the first day of the new year



Motherhood my perfectly imperfect job

3 Dec

Motherhood is a subject everyone and their mother writes about…yup I went there. And if you don’t want to read another post about it stop now. You have been warned.
I have known I wanted to be a mother pretty much from the moment I understood what a mother was. Well what I thought a mother was.
Motherhood is so much more than what an article, a book, a piece of advice or a class from a “pro” tells you it is. Nothing and I mean nothing can and will prepare you for motherhood.
It is a bunch of awful stuff you never expected. Crying because your baby won’t sleep, crying because you just want to eat. Cleaning up puke, cleaning up piss, cleaning up crap, lots and lots of cleaning. Its screaming and frustration and it kind of sucks sometimes. Your not supposed to admit that though.
I have never known what I wanted to do with my life job wise. I have many passions, too many in fact. Everything I have ever tried or started I either quit or found it wasn’t my niche. I’ve spent a long time feeling like I needed to do something, be something and be a success. And I wasn’t and I couldn’t because my perfect profession hadn’t been born yet.
All the things I am good at make me good at being GB’s mum. Those skills that didn’t work before those things I loved about myself but that held me back? Well now they help me soar. I am imperfect. I am an imperfect wife and mother but I am perfectly imperfect in a way that makes me the best possible mum for my son.
And all that cheesy, oooey gooey goodness they do tell you about well its real.
My nose was made to nuzzle my sleeping sons cheek. My arms are thicker than I’d like because boy is he heavy. My hips stick out so he can sit just right. And my heart is extra sensitive so I can feel everything he does.
The next time someone asks me what I want to do with my life I will gladly tell them I want to keep being the mother my son deserves because boy its a tough job but the pay is great.

The busy season

20 Nov

Man oh man have I fallen off the blogging wagon. I’m so very sorry. Its just been a bit busy, hectic, insane, wonderful, chaotic….any of the words will do. While our family is wonderful and so full of love it has been occupying alot of my time.
However I need to make time for you all for my blog and for myself to come and enjoy writing again.
The problem has been I was trying to create a certain feel here but well that feels wrong. Yes I cook and I craft but I also like to ramble.
So I guess on days I can’t bring a craft or food project to the table (pun intended) I’ll try and come and just ramble or fill you in on how our lives are going.
I am also considering have the lovely amazing GhostfaceKnitter give me random prompts for a week of intense learn to blog again therapy.
I hope you will all stick around while I find my way back.


1,095 days of love

12 Oct

Well it was our 3rd wedding anniversary on Tuesday. Gosh am I lucky! Like seriously how did I get so damn lucky to have such a kind,loving,funny and wonderfully goofy man as my husband?
This post will most likely be kind of sappy so you have been warned.
Tony is the love of my life, he is my people, he is my one. I always wanted the great love of my life and then I found him. At times it has been hard and we have had to work very hard to build the marriage and life that we have. I could not ask for a better person to share my life with. I don’t think I could have dreamed up a better friend, husband and father to our son and our Furbaby Flapjack.
Thank you for the 1,095 days you have shared with me and I look forward to thousands more.
You are my heart.

“To each the others world entire.”

Georgetown day trip

15 Sep

Oh my goodness I am behind like three posts! So sorry about that but the tiny tyrant keeps me quite busy these days. He is an absolute blessing but I would be lying if I said he wasn’t a lot of hard work.

Well a few weeks back we tuned in for one of our favorite shows The Daytripper. It’s a fantastic show we watch where this guy Chet drives all over Texas and shows you the best things to do. Well that day he did Georgetown his hometown and we decided heck its Sunday were bored lets go!!!

So we packed up enough stuff for three days and headed out for our first day trip. The drive down was easy and pleasant as long as we kept the kid fed and I sat in back with him. We figured it’d be a good test for my bday trip the next week.

Once we got there we knew we wanted to get coffee from Cianfrani coffee company . The coffee was just what we needed and the chocolate covered espresso beans were to die for. My only wish was that they had put a changing table in their very roomy bathrooms ;)


Next we decided to take walk thru the town.


Then we found the toy store! We went in played with some stuff and ended up picking up a toy for both us and GB. On the way out we just had to play with the giant piano.



Up next was the swimming hole. If you do nothing else go do this. Especially if its hot like it was when we went. It is a gorgeous swimming hole tucked back off a trail. There are people of all ages there hanging out swimming. GB loved getting in with Daddy and I enjoyed taking pictures from a nice walkway that cut straight across the water.



Then it was time for some dinner, we decided to check out El Monumento.

And we were not disappointed, aside from the absolutely superb food is a stunning garden you walk thru to get into the restaurant. They also have a separate bar at the front of the garden as well as outdoor seating and bars.

We sat inside because we were quite warm after the swimming hole. We had a splendid meal and a server who was nice, informative and happy to make our experience the best it could be. We had their guacamole, queso and non-alcoholic margaritas to start. Then for our meals we had the shrimp rellenos and chicken suizas enchiladas. Both were delicious.

After dinner we stopped at the monument dinner for a piece of pie and then we headed home. It was a wonderful day spent with my two favorite guys. We want to go back and stay for a day or two because it was such a lovely town with great things to do.




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